Dark servant of the elemental lord Aadarin


Init + 11, truesight 10, darkvis, precept + 15
HP: 180/90
Regen 5
Ac: 30 fort 30 reflex 23 will 24
immune: charm, disease, fear, poison, sleep
Speed 6, fly 6 (clumsy)
Greatsword – cold, fire, lightning, or thunder
+20 vs AC; 1d10+7 dam + 1d10 element damage (choice)
Blade Sweep (encounter)
Greatsword attack vs 2 targets in reach
Tactical Step (free act when hit by opportunity, at will)
Shift 2 squares
Elemental Step (encounter, movement)
Forjarai teleports up to 5 squares
Battle Command
When flanking Forjarai deals an extra 1d6 damage
Endless Power (minor, recharge 6)
Forjarai regains an encounter power
Languages: Common, Primordial, Telepathy 10
Item: greatsword


Ages ago Aadarin the elemental lord was trapped in the elemental plane. Fortunately Aadarin had Forjarai, a loyal wizard that worshipped him. Aadarin wanted to punish the beings that had trapped him and ordered Forjarai to gather an army in his name. Knowing he was too vunerable in his form of flesh, Forjarai underwent a ritual and became a powerful Helmed Horror, his body made of iron that could only be tempered in the elemental plane. With his new form and abilities Forjarai spent years gathering an army that included his lieutenant Eve, a medusa, and four generals that he named Winter, Autumn, Spring and Summer. Together they marched on Thudras of the Serana Republic but before the ritual to free Aadarin could be completed Forjarai was defeated which caused the destruction of the last of his forces and his soul's own disappearance into the elemental plane, though his armor remained.


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