The Medusa Lieutenant of Forjarai


Medusa Archer (Female)
Hp: 212/106
Ac 26 fort 23 ref 24 will 25, immune petrif, resist 10 poison
+ 2 saving throws
speed 7
1 action point
Snaky Hair – poison
+15 vs ac, 1d6 + 5 dam, 10 ongoing poison and -2 fort, save ends
Longbow – poison
Ranged 20/40; + 15 vs ac, 1d10 + 5 dam, secondary attack
secondary – +13 vs fort, 10 ongoing poison and – 2 fort, save ends
Petrifying Gaze
close blast 5, blind = immune; + 14 vs fort, target slowed (save ends), first fail = immobilized, 2nd fail = petrified
Items: Hooded cloak, longbow, 30 arrows


Eve, a medusa, led a tormented life as many races actively feared and hunted her. this saddened Eve as she was a believer in love regardless of appearance. Forjarai and his master Aadarin drew Eve in with promises of equality under Aadarin's return. Skilled at rituals, Eve became Forjarai's flesh and blood counterpart and in some ways was like his wife or sister. Together their plan was to allow Aadarin to enter the physical plane but they were defeated and killed before they could accomplish the plan at Thudras.


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