Valeria Moonstorm

Leader of the Darwin Royal Guardsmen


Female Elf Ranger
Level 6
HP: 54
Healing Surges: 9
Str 16
Con 12
Dex 16
Int 14
Wis 14
Cha 10
Ac: 20
Fort: 18
Ref: 18
Will: 16
Resist: 5 Radiant, 5 Poison

Size: Medium
Speed: 7
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Eleven

Elven Weapon Accuracy (longbow/shortbow proficiency)
Fey Origin
Group Awareness (allied non-elves within 5 squares + 1 perception)
Wild Step (Shift ignores terrain)
Archer Fighting Style (see bonus feat)
Hunter's Quarry
Prime Shot

+ 7 Nature (Trained, Racial)
+ 2 Perception (Racial)
+ 5 Stealth (Trained)
+ 5 Dungeoneering (Trained)
+ 5 Acrobatics (Trained)

Defensive Mobility (Bonus Feat)
Agile Hunter
Far Shot

Elven Accuracy (Encounter, personal, free action)
Twin Strike (At will, Standard)
Nimble Strike (At Will, Standard)
Evasive Strike (Encounter, Standard)
Split the Tree (Daily, Standard)
Yield Ground (encounter, reaction)
Disruptive Strike (encounter, interrupt)
Excruciating Shot (daily, standard)
Evade Ambush (daily, no action)

Weapon: + 1 Lifedrinker Falchion
Ranged Weapon: Magic +2 Longbow
Neck: + 1 Amulet of Health
Armor: + 2 Sunleaf Hide Armor
90 Arrows (3 Quivers)
Adventurer's Kit
Climber's Kit
2 Flasks
Fine Clothing
Thief's Tools



Cool and collected, Valeria is one of the most relaxed soldiers in the Darwin Royal Guard. A gifted commander, Valeria likes to hang back and observe battles, constantly analyzing actions and giving orders based on what she witnesses and predicts. In spite of her calmness Valeria is rarely seen having anything resembling fun, fully dedicated to her post as captain of the guard. While many soldiers respect Valeria, few of had the honor of calling her a friend.


Raised by human parents after her parents were killed in a Borderland conflict, Valeria lived in Darwin for most of her life. Living in the capital of Barbalos, Valeria met several nobles at a young age and was determined to protect such noble people even then, warding off potential bullies with her sling. Respected by many, her entrance into the Royal Knights was approved in spite of being of commoner heritage, so granted as her adopted parents were nobles. Eventually Valeria befriended the princess, who was the Heir Apparent should the Queen perish, and was posted in the Royal Guardsmen. Nearly fifteen years after the Forjarai conflict Valeria was promoted to the Captain of the Royal Guard.

Valeria Moonstorm

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