Malis Habrawn

Loyal friend to prince and the kingdom of Darwin


Female Doppelganger Cleric
Level 5
Str - 14
Con - 13
Dex – 14
Int - 10
Wis – 16
Cha – 14

HP: 50
AC 19
Fort 15
Ref 15
Will 19

God: Bahamut
Languages: Common, Elven
Feats:<br />Toughness<br />Armor of Bahamut<br />Weapon Focus (Mace)
Skills Bonuses:<br />Religion 5<br />Arcana 5<br />Heal 5<br />Diplomacy 5<br />Bluff 2<br />Insight 2
Powers:<br />Channel Divinity (encounter)<br />Healing Word (Encounter)<br />Change Shape (Minor, At will)<br />Healing Boost (armor, minor, add 1d10 to healing until end of encounter)<br />Save Ender (symbol, reaction, +5 vs save ends) <br />Lance of Faith (At Will)<br />Sacred Flame (At Will)<br />Healing Strike (Encounter)<br />Beacon of Hope (Daily)<br />Shield of Faith (Daily)<br />Daunting Light (Encounter)<br />Concecrated Ground (Daily)
Items:<br />+ 2 Vicious Morning Star<br />Crossbow<br />Exalted Chainmail + 1 <br />Symbol of Hope + 2<br />Safewing Amulet + 1<br />Climbing Gear<br />Adventurer&#39;s Kit
The Doppelgangers of the Kingdom of Darwin were always born and raised for one purpose: protecting the royal family. As ranking officers of the Royal Guard, its the duty of the doppelgangers to assume the position of any royal family member in danger of being attacked. Malis was raised to defend the Darwin prince and became a good friend of his and thus went from disliking her role as a sacrifical lamb to an honored defender of the crown.

Malis Habrawn

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