Legacy of Forjarai

Forjarai's Downfall
Even the mighty can perish

After the defeat of the four generals it became clear something more was at work in Thudras. With the help of Raiven Minsch Imperial Prince Geshtar and his allies were able to learn that General Winter had purchased a house in town some time again. Exploring the house the heroes discovered a bizzare wall with four plaques which, when arranged properly, revealed a hidden stairwell. Raiven stayed behind to battle a horde of snaketongues while the rest met Forjarai himself along with his lieutenant Eve. Together the pair were attempting to summon the elemental lord Aadarin and his vampire servants, Aadarin seeking to enter the physical plane so he could contest the Gods.

A hard battle was fought but eventually Forjarai was defeated, his armor becoming just that and nothing more while Eve was petrified and shattered when the altar was destroyed. Raiven rejoined the heroes and they each took a piece of Forjarai with them when they left, unable to find a way to destroy it. Years later however, an attempt was made on the prince's life and though he lived, the sword he'd taken was stolen.

Prelude: Battle of Thudras
Years ago...

It was three days previously that the mysterious Forjarai army sacked the Serana Republic's coastal fishing town of Thudras. A valued location as Thudras rested near the borderlands, the Republic was eager to push back the mysterious attackers that came on ships from parts unknown. Governor Bromley of Thudras sent out couriers to recruit potential allies for an alliance as the Forjarai army numbered in the tens of thousands, ranging from harpies to demons to Eladrin though mostly monstrous creatures. Among the formed alliance were notable figures such as the Darwin and Melchior princes along with famed mercenaries.

 Forming a scouting force, the Imperial prince led his allies through a fishing cave into Thudras and investigated the possibility of a surprise attack. Soon it was determined that the army was more preoccupied with guarding the city's land entrances rather than those from the coast. At a visible island not far away the enemy ships were anchored. Deciding to strike, the prince and his allies ensured the civilians were safe and struck at the town center where the four generals of Forjarai's army had gathered: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Together the allies managed to defeat the generals, who were busy building a statue of some sort. The city did suffer some damage due to magical flames but civilian loses were non-existant. The Alliance had triumphed over the conquerors of Thudras, but something had yet to be made clear: why had they invaded in the first place?


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